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Welcome to the culminative tribute to a two-year intensive 'education' on Creationary Forces and Crop Circles brought to me by my Star Visitor, whom I call Scan, yet is well known by many other names as the World Class Avatar that he truly is, along with my involvement with the Council of Nine; that particular SV group that is focused solely upon enacting the Principles involved in a Planetary Ascension; via MUSIC as CREATIONARY FORCES applied to specifically, water and minerals along with other aspects of a Planetary Ascension and all that implies to effect such a project to completion. It wont be long now, as WE HAVE ARRIVED!! Wasnt the long journey worth it?  
What you are about to read, and to view, is nothing short of an amazing account of the total empowerment via Creationary Forces to create our future even as we speak; tho in this scenario via MUSIC. I encourage you to get involved and become a part of our Collective Futures in a concert planned for the summer's collection of upcoming Crop Circles. You can join our discussion and newsletter group by sending an email to ' CropCircleProject-subscribe@yahoogroups.com ' if you are interested. It has no cost associated with it; there are no restraints but a genuine desire for Adherence to Principle; and the enjoyment of contact with those in higher planes. The active principle is 'Energy for Energy' and by participating in bringing into fruition the Planetary Ascension itself, you will have participated in the active principle that allows us to consciously produce such wonders as the spiritual phenomena most have labled, 'Crop Circles'.
I do have copyright permission for most of the photos used; and the 'signatures' are mine alone. There is no commercial intent or future commercial intent in all that I present here. It is solely for the upliftment of the human consciousness, empowerment of the human soul, and proof of Time Convergence which is shortly upon us all. If there are any disagreements along the way, please write me at wildalaskanrose@yahoo.com and I will relate to such matters promptly. However, I think we have all bases covered properly to date.
And, altho I do have an excellent handle on most of the mechanics behind how to produce such configurations utilizing Creationary Forces via MUSIC and THOUGHTFORMS, I do not have a handle on all the mechanics. I do know they are tied into the theories of dodecahedrons as the Universal or Planetary Logic complex; or the Mayan Grid Points (see http://www.0disease.com/0platinicsolid_rest.html or http://www.timestar.org  ) and I am actively looking for anyone that is able to give some thought as to how for altho I know it exists, I cannot at this time put it together. To emphasize this please give a short read of the following coordinates and especially, corresponding latitudes regardless of the Alaska location; the most startling being the one concert in Palmer associated with the Group Crop Circle Project  (some 50 miles from Anchorage) and the appearance of the crop circle in CANADA yet, ON_THE_SAME_LATITUDE as all the others that appeared within Wiltshire, England from Downtown Anchorage, Alaska.
June 19 Summer Solstice Concert
Downtown Anchorage, Alaska
Signature: Musical Staff
Corresponding Crop Circle
Wiltshire, England
Signature: Same-Musical Staff with corresponding features 

61 D N 13 feet by 149 D W 54 feet
Wiltshire England
51 D N 18 feet by 1 D W 59

July 3rd Saturday Market Concert
Downtown Anchorage, Alaska
Signature: Hands holding a Heart with Crown
Corresponding Crop Circle
Market Lavington; Wiltshire,England
Signature: Crown, Heart, pseudo hands, flute, microphone, and disjointedness

61 D N 13 feet by 149 D W 54 feet
Market Lavington; Wiltshire, England
51 N 15 feet by 1 D W 50 feet


Aug 15 Sunday Market Concert
Downtown Anchorage, Alaska 
Signature: Many circles around one
Corresponding Crop Circle
Wiltshire, England
Signature: same in fact, number of circles in ring plus number of members involved perfect count; ring features exact in numerous ways

61 D N 13 feet by 149 D W 54 feet
Wiltshire England
51 N 15 feet by 1 D W 50 feet

Aug 26 Alaska State Fair Palmer, AK
Signature: Oval Mother of Pearl Stone
Corresponding Crop Circle
Alberta, Canada
Signature: Oval ring with Large White stone in middle of Oval ring

Palmer, AK
61 D N 36 feet by 149 D W 7 feet
Alberta, Canada
51 D N 3 feet by 114 D W 5 feet
Two and a half years ago, my Star Visitor, (Master Teacher) began by taking me to a Mayan Grid Point and I accessed that Grid Point April 10th of 2002, complete with an accompanying crop circle that appeared on that date in the exact configuration that I was shown; of the 'soul glyph' (copyrighted 2002 Vanessa Kay Kipp (Fry) as well as my Master Teacher and his soulmate represented in that configuration. Thus began my 'education' into Applied Creationary Forces, specifically MUSIC and the culminative result of Crop Circles; which more than explains WHY many Crop Circles contain diatonic ratios. Altho it is a bit more difficult than just that, as it does involve being in concert with those in Higher Planes (a form of spiritual phenomena and/or evidence of Contact with SV's) this is empowerment of the human soul and the beginning of our journey, HOME.  I will be posting more information on the history behind my 'education' as well as further information on the mechanics behind Creationary Forces so be sure to bookmark this page or join the discussion group!!
If anyone is interested in helping to unlock the secrets of how such Creationary Forces travel from one area to another, I welcome the help. The above information is a good start. Note that no matter where in Alaska we performed, the latitude of manifestation remained on the 51 latitude. However, at this point it is just interesting as I do have several other locations I am going to attempt to locate and pin down for purposes of solidfying such interesting details. Also, we will be keeping a very detailed journal from now on as we were just SO successful this past summer. Study the photos below; I think you will see what I mean..

I am going to make a long story short. One of the things Scan told me at the beginning of this 'education' was that my music wasnt 'prophetic' as I had previously thought (seeing my songs come to pass time after time after TIME) but CREATIONARY instead. He then led me on a number of discoveries of my own involvement in such phenomena; which I will work on putting together. It is difficult, knowing some are, and some are not, and which are, and which are not and being careful that one is right in all that one presents when it comes to backtracking to verify certain experiences, but I will be giving it my best shot here shortly.
After two years of education via my Master Teacher, this summer Scan said I was on my own. As a result, I did figure out early on that all the configurations appearing as crop circles indeed carried a 'signature' via my rings; which are all made of silver, and are capable of being utilized (minerals) for the multiplication, condensing, and transmitting of thoughtforms, in this case, via MUSIC. Each performance date is matched by its corresponding 'signature' for verification of the planned crop circle project for that date and projected outcomes. Also, a group of souls were involved in a Group Crop Circle Project on August 15, 2004; and I will post their involvement and experiences along with the photos on this page.
There is good reason why many Crop Circles contain diatonic ratios; as MUSIC as the Applied Creationary Force utilized, would result in leaving behind a diatonic signature. I do not claim authorship or knowledge of creation of all crop circles; I do not claim that SV's arent involved (for indeed they have been in my experiences); I do not discount other 'sound' based efforts that might be involved in crop circles; and I do not say that this is elitely the only way Crop Circles are created (as I have had other experiences that indicate crop circles can also be created during other states of consciousness which imo is a rather interesting albeit oblique 'proof' of life other than the physical) nor am I stating that hoaxes do not exist.  I am only stating that we did indeed, with knowledge provided by off world sources (irregardless of any one's definition of such), project applied creationary forces via Music in concert with those in higher planes; and we did indeed, have as a result, the appearance of Crop Circles that match the corresponding dates of those applied Creationary Forces complete with signatures attached that are extremely evidentiary and, were planned and spoken of before their appearance as testimony to the fact that the knowledge my Master Teacher has brought to me, is indeed, genuine. Here we have the ability to empower the human soul in creating our collective future to such a heightened degree of Light and Order that it is just amazing! Onward and Upward! AND a very humble thanks to all my friends in Higher Planes that allowed me to be a part of this very special knowledge and experience.
As I do not want anyone to 'steal', 'plageurize', 'discredit' or otherwise harm that which has been given to us as a gift, all words, works, ideas, concepts, photos, and any other conceiveable form of content presented here are Copyrighted 2004 Vanessa Kay Kipp (Fry) and altho you are welcome to pass the url to this page along, please obtain written permission for dissemination of any of that which is presented as we are trying to keep things as pure as possible and out of the realm of disinformation and/or subversion by less than honorable souls. 
There are those that would love to see these Projects stopped; including a very nasty group that tried to infiltrate such works and stop them from even happening in the first place. They were not allowed, and were removed from the Group involved in the Group Crop Circle Project as a result of their continued lack of Adherence to Principle and obvious undermining and subversive, nasty tactics in their attempt to destroy genuine spiritual phenomena from occurring, which they could not do and were not successful.
Therefore, certain information on how this all came about will not be disclosed to the public which basically covers that information that I was told by my Master Teacher not to disclose to this first infiltrative group; (and did not) so that 'genuineness' shall be preserved for the sake of the Collective Futures for us all. 
There is no point to Spiritual Phenomena if it does not lead us to a greater awareness and future for us all; and as Time truly IS converging here shortly, what we are seeing are the first steps of the consequences OF Time Converging; in which thoughtforms are becoming instantaneous, (and therefore karma ie cause and effect as well) and Applied Creationary Forces now easily producing phenomena due to the veils between higher planes being extremely thin at this time for those that are firmly rooted in Spiritual Adherence to Principle:
'Love and Respect above all as the foundational blocks of all communicative interactions between all souls at all times'.
And with that, 'WE' are on our way home.

 Please click on the photos and visit the corresponding Crop Circle Researcher sites as I am forever in their debt and greatly thank them; for without their dedication to this field, none of this would be possible to present, corroborate, prove, or otherwise build upon as our future collective awareness of Creationary Forces via MUSIC and THOUGHTFORM.
Also please note that use of their photos in no way implies that they are in agreement with my assertions and/or my view of extremely evidential proof of such concepts as I present within this page.

June 19, 2004 MusicalStaff SummerSolstice Concert
Photo on left Copyright CCC Photo on Right Copyright Vanessa Kay Kipp (Fry)

Summer Solstice Performance June 19, 2004 Anchorage, Alaska.  Applied Creationary Forces totaled 1 hour, 15 minutes. Thoughtform utilized: 'AWAKE' (concert was for the AWAIC shelter here in Alaska). Corresponding signature, Musical Staff Ring on middle finger. Favorite Ring; wonderful start for purposes of future evidentiary statements and plans and confidence in pursuing such avenues for the purposes of the upliftment and empowerment of the human soul!!
The summer began with my SV telling me that I was now 'on my own' and knew enough of the mechanics behind Applied Creationary Forces to successfully plan, stage, and incorporate even others into the appearance of the configurations called 'Crop Circles' altho I myself wasnt so sure. There were six total planned 'performance' times. My daughter and I write our own music; and we utilize the classical acoustic guitar, flute, and VOICE which Scan has repeatedly told me is the most powerful vibratory influence in the whole of the Universe when it comes to applied Creationary Forces; with INTENT and WILL as well as in concert with those in Higher Planes; creating a 'bridge' between worlds, the Creationary energies utilizing Mayan Grid Points to appear somewhere within the Planetary Logos. It is the teachings of my SV's that the Mayan Grid Points are those matrixes utilized to house a planetarial logoic complex.
Altho I was a bit unsure of the whole process of identification (and I give many thanks to the dedicated Crop Circle Researchers without who's efforts such connections would remain a mystery forever) Scan told me it would become extremely clear, and it certainly did after the Summer Solstice Performance in which I was shocked to see that the resulting Crop Circle came complete with a very distinct signature; that of my favorite ring in the form of a Musical Staff! As a result, I was then able to share with my group that a Crop Circle would be forthcoming with specific signatures; which led me to the ability to then plan, and state beforehand, the likeliness of what configuration (or signature) would appear in subsequent Crop Circles produced this summer.
There were six performance dates scheduled. One was canceled. A Crop Circle did NOT appear the performance date that was cancelled. The fifth of the season did appear, but I do not have the appropriate photos at this time. I will be updating this page with that information sometime in the near future. All the rest of the performance dates resulted in Crop Circles being formed; and all five did match explicitly, the signatures I wore during the performances!!
What are the chances that (I will stick to what I have posted here to date) there would be four performance dates that on purpose utilized Creationary Forces, matched distinctly by four corresponding Crop Circles that appeared on those dates, matched by the four signatures I myself possessed on my own person? What are the odds of this occurring, with 100% accuracy?
What does this show us; as human souls with the Power to Create our very own futures? What does this show us in the realm of WILL and INTENT and THOUGHTFORMS and/or Creationary Forces via MUSIC? Can you just imagine all that we can indeed, create as a phenomenal bridge to Higher Planes just thru music alone? There are many documented sources of Music being utilized to move very heavy objects; this is no different except for the configuration of 'what' is 'moved' and how.

July 3, 2004 Crown w/Heart SaturdayMarket Concert
Photo on left Copyright CCC Photo on right Copyright Vanessa Kay Kipp (Fry)

Performance Date; July 3, 2004, Saturday Market Anchorage, Alaska. Applied Creationary Forces, slightly over one hour. Very disjointed performance complete with some technical difficulties. Thoughtform utilized: 'Gift of HEART handed to ALL'. Corresponding signature, right hand ring, hands offering the Crowned Heart.
This particular Crop Circle was located in Market Lavington. The performance was held at the Saturday Market, Anchorage, Alaska. The corresponding signature was the ring with the crown and heart, held by hands. Applied Creationary Forces were just less than one hour. This particular performance was extremely disjointed and thankfully, the only one that was this past summer. Alex and I do perform regularly in summers and once in a while we do have an off day. Here within the corresponding Crop Circle, one can see the disjointedness within the resulting configuration from the applied Creationary Forces musically being a bit off. Interesting that this would also appear within the configurational aspects of the resultant Crop Circle.
Many Crop Circles contain within their configuration things that look like 'mic's or, microphones. I find it interesting that so often, microphones are used during performances of Music; along with the appearance of many 'F's and other 'keys' that correspond to keys utilized by musicians (A-G). Altho there is room for any number of signatures to appear within any given crop circle and most likely due to any number of variables in the musical events, I find these seem to crop up consistently. Applied Creationary Forces and the resulting appearance of the corresponding Crop Circle certainly explains this.

August 15 2004 Group Effort CropCircleProject
Photo on left copyright CCR Photo on right copyright Vanessa Kay Kipp (Fry)

Group Effort Crop Circle Project, August 15, 2004 Performance date of same, Sunday Market, Anchorage, Alaska. Total Applied Creationary Forces approximately 40-45 minutes. Thoughtform: 'Let us be ONE'. Carried specifics of soul glyphs of those involved into the creationary forces. Had spectacular starburst phenomena occur with the sun opening up during the application of Creationary Forces to shine upon us all. All goals of including additional group soul signatures absolutely successful. Signature; left hand pinkie ring, beaded circles.
There was a scheduled performance date on July 31. This date was canceled; and no crop circle appeared. The one above is our 'Group Crop Circle Project' which imo, is the most evidential of all. I was well able to inform the group that the resultant crop circle should be a series of small circles; and I will post the statements of those involved to prove that this indeed, did occur. I can also provide proof of all performance dates as having genuinely occurred as well.
This particular Crop Circle is just so special! A group and I gathered together; and in the end, three females and one male (bonded with soulmate in spirit hence the rectangle (masculine) cut in two but matched perfectly) joined in the effort and those souls, along with every bead in the ring, are represented quite specifically as well as myself!  For instance, the two little beads separated by larger beads, then two little beads on the other side again. Note how this shows up very well in the resultant Crop Circle that manifested for us that day. Note how the configuration of the large wood beads is a proper count (6) as opposed to the others. Note the spiraling arms from the center aggregated soul applying the Creationary Forces yet including all valid souls that participated; and how each and everyone is represented fully; the exactness of the number of circles is nothing short of phenomenal! Note also, the 'space' between each circle in the Crop Circle; yet they are connected by 'lines' rather like the spacers in the ring! It is just all there and as plain to see as the sun in the sky! We were very pleased as a group that this particular Group Effort Crop Circle Project was just SO successful and, so complete in its configurative representation of all aspects involved.
There were specifics that were required of each soul desiring to be a part of this particular effort. There were also some tactics utilized just for the sake of taking the actual mechanics out of the hands of those that had been discovered on the list as infiltrators designed to corrupt the Group Project, but they were removed before the Project date and were not privy to the date nor were they allowed to be privy to the real mechanics; and so we didnt get down to 'business' until after they were no longer on the list. 
I bring this up to specifically to point out that these souls are not represented in this configuration anywhere; neither their soul glyphs nor any part of them and this point is as interesting as those that were indeed, included.  This was a very well planned, very well orchestrated, very well previously stated resulting configuration.  This is not 'prophetic' but the ability to determine beforehand the appearance of a corresponding Crop Circle when certain Creationary Forces and mechanics of Contact are engaged and properly applied; complete with 'signatures' so that they can be identified properly. One can only guess the focused minds and souls of the more intricate Crop Circles such as the recent one that has such beautiful awesome Inca like structures to it.
I am forever grateful to Paul Vigay; for his input and encouragement. I truly look forward to an ongoing interest from the Crop Circle Researchers into this phenomena as one avenue of validation. One thing I would like to mention, is the noting that just because a crop circle is 'rough' is NO indication it must be a hoax, along with those that are quite intricate, also not being such an indicator of genuineness. I have found, in genuine crop circles resulting from applied Creationary Forces, it is more the amount of linear time applied that dictates the validity and geunineness of the crop circle instead. Therefore, an application of Creationary Forces of say, a half hour may very well result in a very rough very simple configuration, while applied Creationary Forces of over an hour begin to produce the more intricate and interestingly complete designs. One can just ponder the time applied to those configurations that have resulted in the more amazing Crop Circle formations.

August 26,2004 WhiteOvalRing AK State Fair Concert
Top Photos Copyright CCRN Bottom Photo Copyright Vanessa Kay Kipp (Fry)

Sunday Market, Sept. 5 2004. Applied Creationary Forces, approximately 40 minutes. Thoughtform: As I had one more ring left for purposes of signature (not counting my silver necklace which came later) I focused upon 'Oval Mother of Pearl' to verify signature. Corresponding signature, silver ring with oval Mother of Pearl Stone in the middle.
This is also a very interesting Crop Circle appearance. In the photos, you will note a large oval rather pathlike circle, and in the middle, a large white stone. The ring was a mother of pearl; a large white stone in the middle. This particular Crop Circle manifestation was also much closer to home; which is interesting since the performance wasnt in Anchorage, but instead, in Palmer, Alaska, at the Alaska State Fair. It is very interesting to note that altho this particular concert was held in Palmer, Alaska, and its corresponding configurational crop circle appeared in Alberta, Canada, even this crop circle follows the SAME LATITUDE as the others held in downtown Anchorage, and appearing in Wiltshire, England. This seems to suggest a very scientific tie with corresponding latitudes which we shall be studying in the future.
I will also be doing some research on previous year's performance dates, and hope to have that information posted this winter. It is very interesting work; to match the correspondences with accuracy. Can it be done? We shall see!!
The last Crop Circle date was Sept. 5, 2004, Sunday Market. The last piece of mineral based 'jewelry' or that which could be utilized (mineral and/or crystal content for purposes of conducting) was a necklace, with a rabbit attached. Interestingly enough, a 'rabbit' DID appear in a crop circle!  I will be posting the last crop circle and its correspondences here shortly after I receive the photos needed to clearly show the signature used.

Please read on to learn how to become a part of this very unique, amazing aspect of spiritual phenomenal art utilizing Applied Creationary Forces!
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All musicians, crop circle researchers, and like-minded souls
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